Why join us?

The Guilded Rose, yes spelled strangely, is the initiative of Bloemfontein D&D gaming community members to create a club with the following goals.

  • Provide a stable central point for the Bloemfontein RPG community.
  • Make it a club, with fees, in-order to help build bigger and better events.
  • Provide special events chosen and backed by the members of the community.

If you would like to join please create an account on this site.

Costs and payment

  • Membership costs fifty South African Rands per month.
  • Payment is processed through PayFast
  • Payments are processed within 24hours.
  • For queries regarding your payments please send your query to: bard@guildedrose.co.za

Payment links

The following links will re-direct you to the payment gateway.