July 11, 2022

A farewell to the public group

Dear adventurers, all good things must come to an end.

On Friday 15 July 2022. the BFN-RPG discord server and BFN-RPG Public WhatsApp group will be shut down.

The Discord server will be fully shut down, you are welcome to join the Club discord server here (https://discord.gg/hRDG5Kjr), or make your own.

The WhatsApp group can be passed over to an another administrator. Should you be interested in taking over as the BFN-RPG group admin, please email us at info@guildedrose.co.za with your WhatsApp phone number.

In 2021 myself and three other volunteers from this community started the Bloemfontein Roleplaying Game club, named *The Guilded Rose* (The Guilded Rose – the RPG and Gaming Club). Since starting we have had two  successful events, many great campaigns, and have not gone one week without enjoying and sharing our hobby with each other.

Although we mostly play online due to schedules, distance and life, the money for the club goes into building a co-operative and involved community around the hobby we love.

On Friday 15 July I will be leaving the public RPG Bloemfontein WhatsApp group, but I trust to see you all around the table a table sooner or later, as I am not leaving behind this amazing hobby.

For the times we shared at the old Protea, thank you.
This is not farewell, but rather until we meet again.

Dominic Kotze ~ 2022/07/11

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